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No End in Sight for Superhero Movie Craze

Photo Credit: Kurttacs (flickr) Superman, Batman, Spider-man, the Hulk and many other superheroes found their way into the hearts of young Americans through comic books in the 1930s. America’s fascination with these characters makes perfect historical sense. The 1930s were a difficult time for many people, a time when both children and adults were captivated by stories of … [Read more...]

Cancel The Event? Play It Safe!

Hi Hurricane Matthew, Please make a hard right and move away from our east coast! There can be no doubt in anybody’s mind that hurricanes are not good for anything outdoor movie related. And tropical storm strength winds can extend hundreds of miles from the hurricane center.  Outdoor movie equipment is not designed for tropical storm strength winds – 40.8 mph (34 … [Read more...]

Summer 2016: 12th Annual Traverse City Film Festival

Although the staff at Outdoor Movies looks forward to many of their film festival jobs, the Traverse City Film Festival, located in the northwest corner of Michigan’s lower peninsula on the coast of Grand Traverse Bay, is by far the one that the crew looks forward to the most. Not many people can boast about their work taking them away to a beautiful beach area. A place … [Read more...]

Outdoor projection screen surface options added

The addition of two new outdoor projection screen surface type options bring the next level of professional adaptability to AIRSCREEN. The new Twin Projection Surface adds flexibility for combination front and rear projection from the same screen surface Our new 1.5 Gain Front Projection Surface reflects 1.5x more light back to the audience than the standard front … [Read more...]

Film Fest Spotlight: Mill Valley Film Festival 2015

The Mill Valley Film Festival has been an institution, since 1978, to the Marin County’s town nestled 14 miles away from San Francisco. Starting as only a three-day festival, it has transformed into a 11-day festival, hosting more than 200 film makers from over 50 countries worldwide. Did you know? Five out of the last seven Academy Award winners for Best Picture … [Read more...]