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AIRSCREEN® Classic 40′ to 80′

AIRSCREEN® Classic inflatable movie screens have been featured on the international stage at the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals. When a massive format movie screen is needed, AIRSCREEN® Classic — available in widths 40′ to 80′ (30m) — is the world’s only truly giant portable inflatable movie screen.

With patented and patent-pending engineering, AIRSCREEN® Classic outdoor movie screens are built to exacting stardards with exceptional craftmanship. These amazing projection screens present a giant theatrical screen surface, and pass the trials of staging and environment with flying colors.

Durability, safety, ease of use, and performance – AIRSCREEN® Classic. Produced by AIRSCREEN® in Germany, these adaptable inflatable movie screens can be used with different format screen surfaces. Call us to discuss your project and needs at (866) 448-3456.

AIRSCREEN® Classic Inflatable Movie Screen

40′ Wide

A workhorse screen for any commercial rental and staging house, the 40′ x 20′ AIRSCREEN® Classic will meet any need and environment.

52′ Wide

With 1,300 square ft of projection surface, yet weighing under 900 lbs., our 52′ AIRSCREEN® Classic is our most popular larger size screen.

65′ Wide

Impact and scale, depending on format, this giant of the outdoor movie screen world presents 2,375 sq ft of projection surface. It’s an AIRSCREEN® Classic!

80′ Wide

Stunning in its scale, our 80′ screens deliver amazing visuals for up to 10,000 people. This is the size screen for a dramatic drive-in theater.

State Of The Art

Multiple new patent pending technologies compensate for wind conditions helping present a flat, stable projection surface on AIRSCREEN® Classic outdoor movie screens.

Unmatched Features

Installation of a large outdoor screen used to be anything but easy. Our huge AIRSCREEN® Classic outdoor movie screens are installed within hours.

Unrivaled Size

The AIRSCREEN® Classic is the ONLY brand of outdoor movie screens in the world sold in sizes up to 100′ wide. AIRSCREEN® Classic screens are for when size matters.

Customize and Configure

AIRSCREEN® Classic outdoor movie screens can be built to order matching your format and meeting your exacting specifications.

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