High Definition Projectors

3,000 to 5,500 Lumen Outdoor Movie Projectors

Here at Outdoor Movies, we provide a wide array of professional projector options with various capabilities. A 3,000 to 5,500 Lumen outdoor movie projector is a perfect match for an inflatable movie screen up to 30 feet wide. If your next event will be attended by up to 1,200 people, ask us about how we can customize an outdoor movie screen package with a projector to suit your needs. All of our outdoor movie projector options are in full high definition to provide the highest quality image for your outdoor movie events.


Optoma EH341

The Optoma EH341 is our smallest and lightest outdoor movie screen projector, known for its industry-leading contrast ratio and comprehensive connectivity.

Optoma EH416

The Optoma EH416 delivers clear widescreen high definition images that ensure your audience experiences the full impact of your outdoor screening.

Optoma EH500

The Optoma EH500 is an incredibly bright outdoor movie projector that delivers vibrant colors and a crystal clear picture.

Optoma EH504

The Optoma EH504 delivers a bright image with with every feature for the A/V professional including horizontal keystone and four corner adjustment.

Optoma EH515

The Optoma EH515 high-contrast outdoor movie projector brings your images alive before your eyes with crisp, brighter whites and ultra-rich blacks.

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What Our Customers Say

Director at One Six Right was impressed with Outdoor Movies' professionalism and high quality equipment

“Just wanted to let you know that I was thoroughly impressed with your outdoor movie screen and the overall professionalism of your technical team. The HD projection was among the very best I had ever seen. I have a very critical eye, know my film intimately. In my estimation, your picture/sound was without question in the top 1%. As a filmmaker, it means a lot to have the attention to detail rendered in the exhibition of the picture, as it ultimately is the only detail that really matters.”

Brian J. Terwilliger, Director – One Six Right