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only 100 foot wide outdoor movie screen in the USA
Each year, there are  fewer than 40 – major outdoor movie events in North America using 52 foot or larger outdoor movie screens. Outdoor Movies does 90% of them. With 20 years of experience, and 12 DCP projection systems, there is no question why. If you are considering a very large scale outdoor movie screening, please give us a call for a consultation.

CW network film festival featuring an outdoor movie screen 40 feet with large crowdAnd when the organizers for these events need to put on an impressive show, they turn to one company – Outdoor Movies. We supply industry-leading outdoor movie screens, projection and sound equipment. We are trusted to produce up to 90 percent of these major events each year. Our track record is proven, and our expertise make us the leading partner to major event organizers worldwide.

Outdoor movie screen on the water at the Traverse City Film Festival in 2011

Dazzle spectators with the very best AIRSCREEN inflatable outdoor movie screens

AIRSCREEN’s patented inflatable outdoor movie screens are widely regarded as the industry’s leading technology, and Outdoor Movies is the official North American distributor for these screens. Our rental inventory offers the largest selection outdoor movie screens in sizes 52 feet and up. We pair this equipment up with DCI compliant projection and superior audio.

100' wide inflatable movie screen and crowdBenefit from our experience

How do your get 20 years of experience doing outdoor cinema – by doing it for 20 years!  Outdoor Movies has produced outdoor movie screenings productions for clients such as the American Film Institute, Comcast, Disney, Ford, Turner, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Our clients turn again and again to Outdoor Movies to take advantage of our staff expertise.

Our clients don’t want risk, they want a perfect show. Our engineers understand that. We produce the world’s largest outdoor movie events and our expertise is sought by clients who are perfectionists. Contact Outdoor Movies today to learn how we can help you.


What Our Customers Say

Movies Under The Moon“Outdoor Movies, Inc. and Cox Communications have worked hand-in-hand for seven years now to create a successful festival that has become a fixture in our community. Bob and the rest of the crew are true experts at all aspects of planning and hosting the event, from choosing the best movies to play and assisting with marketing efforts to providing perspective around site setup and crowd control. Working with Outdoor Movies definitely contributes to the success of our event every year.”

Jessica Carver
Cox Communications