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16′ x 9′ AIRSCREEN® Aeropro™

The AIRSCREEN® Aeropro™ 16′ x 9′ outdoor movie screen is superior to any other inflatable movie screen on the market in this size because it includes all of the features, materials and strengths found in larger AIRSCREEN® sizes. These advanced features make it perfect for professional use. The 16′ x 9′ AIRSCREEN® Aeropro™ outdoor movie screen is just right for audience sizes up to 250 people. This popular sized model utilizes our unique RF welded construction, offering greater wind resistance and stability. Our custom formulated screen surfaces are also stronger and lighter than any competing product. To make sure you’ve got the right screen for you call (866) 448-3456 today.

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Outdoor Movie Screen | 16ft Airscreen Aeropro by

Price: $4,595
Ships Within 48 hrs

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What Our Customers Say

mls productions

“Thank you for your help in getting us the (16×9) screen so quickly. We set it up at the shop in some 35 km/hr wind last Friday to test it out and it preformed great. Our first show is this Saturday and we are all looking forward to it. We will be talking to you in the future for another screen I am sure.”

Mike Shymko, MLS Productions
Pilot Butte SK, Canada