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What is the lifespan of the screen structure and the screen surface with normal use?

Very much like a car, lifespans depend on the owner. There plenty of AIRCREENS with 10 years on the frames. Screen surfaces are usually replaced when organic dirt makes them unattractive… Around 6 years. When you take bright light and shine it at night on a white surface, you attract moths and other creatures. Eventually you will need to replace the screen. In doing financials, plan on a five year service life on the frame and three year life on the surface.

What is the ease of setup/teardown and operation of this system?

Quite easy. With practice, a setup using a 24′ screen should take about 45 minutes, and the teardown slightly less.

Would single chip DLP technology work better for a particular package?

Both DLP and LCD can offer excellent images. The best DLP images come from 3-chip DLP projectors. Single chip DLP projectors only produce blacks, greys and whites on the chip, and a color wheel (sunglasses) spins to create the different colors. The other two major factors contributing to quality in a DLP projector is the size of the DMD (DLP chip) and the video processor in the projector. Inexpensive single chip DLP projectors have tiny DLP chips and poor processing. They advertise wonderful specs, but lose in shootouts with quality projectors whether they are DLP or LCD. When you see a low price on a projector, there is a reason. You get what you pay for! Unless you have a large budget, we recommend a 3 or 4-chip LCD projector for brightness from 2,500 to 10,000 lumens.

How much dropoff is there using rear projection versus front projection?

The benefits and aesthetics of front versus rear projection go beyond light loss. Loss is about 10%. Again your application requirements are the important issue. Both front and rear have benefits and drawbacks. Many customers buy both surfaces from us for different uses.

How should I prepare my projector for storage?

First and most importantly: Locate the air intake and look for the air filter. During outdoor use, the projector’s filter protects the internal components from dirt and dust. If the filter is dirty, it restricts airflow. Restricted airflow causes decreased bulb life, overheating and reduced performance. So remove the filter. Most are made from foam rubber and easily cleaned with water and then dried. Some need to be replaced. Either way, this is an important preventative maintenance step. Additionally, dust that is apparent to the eye should be removed using a clean dry cloth.

Lens cleaning: If you have a lens cleaning kit that includes lens paper, a camel hair brush and lens cleaning solution … terrific. If not, one can be obtained from a reputable camera store (or from us). Use solutions sparingly using light pressure and a circular motion to remove dust and fingerprints. If you have lost the lens cap, now is a great time to replace it, as well.

Remove the batteries from the remote control, and check to make sure you have your necessary cables and adapters.

What about wind and wind rating?

The screens have been tested in very high winds.

DO NOT USE YOUR SCREEN IN WINDS EXCEEDING 24MPH. USE EXTREME CAUTION IN HIGH WINDS. APPROACHING WEATHER CAN BE DANGEROUS. A conservative approach to public and equipment safety is your strongest tool in maintaining the safety of your audience and is key to any risk management strategy relating to public events. When there is severe weather approaching on radar, get the screen down! Use your iPad or smartphone to keep an eye on approaching conditions.

Any outdoor screen manufacturer advertising a ridiculously high wind rating creates an impression that it is okay to operate in those winds, and it is not. We have a competitor advertising 35mph wind rating – this is irresponsible.

Does it have to be dark to see a picture?

Yes! Outdoor movie projection is similar to the technology you see in a movie theater. The difference is that instead of turning out the lights, the sun goes down. Calculate what time you can start your movie by using this handy link from the US Naval Observatory.

Does the package come with a service kit with patches?


Are there special licenses or permits needed for the height of the screen?

Generally not. However, every locality has different codes. I have never encountered a customer where this was a requirement for a 24’. We have seen requirements for engineering documents and permits for very large screens in states like California.

How should I clean my screen before storing it for the winter?

At Outdoor Movies we recommend a thorough cleaning of your frame and screen surface. At this time of year, you need to be especially careful that leaves and other organics are not trapped in the screen as these will leave permanent marks on the screen surface. Wash your movie screen surface with water and little dishwashing liquid like Joy. You can use Fantastik or 409 on tougher dirt but it should be done sparingly. We strongly recommend cataloging outdoor movie screen equipment and checking for damaged parts.

What is used to clean the projection surface and the screen structure itself?

Soap and water or, for more stubborn stains, Fantastik.

When setting up the screen, does sun(set) direction determine the placement of the screen?

YES! If the audience is facing west and the screen is facing east, you will be able to start your movie earlier that with other screen placements. The reason for this is that the screen is a highly reflective surface and sunlight hitting it directly makes the start time about 15 minutes later.

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