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30′ x 17′ AIRSCREEN® Aeropro™

The AIRSCREEN® Aeropro™ 30′ x 17′ is an outdoor movie screen that is large, yet easy to use and transport. It’s the perfect size for an outdoor movie event with up to 1200 people. With 510 square feet of projection surface, your audiences will be more than pleased. Give us a call to make sure you’re spending your money on the right outdoor movie screen for your needs at (866) 448-3456.

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AIRSCREEN Aeropro 30' x 17' Inflatable Movie Screen by

Price: $10,749
Ships Within 48 hrs

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GSA Part 30X17AS-USA
SIN 192-41

What Our Customers Say

Blazing Star Cinema used a screen from with heavy winds in downtown Chicago

“Amazing inflatable screen! Through 25 and 30 mph steady winds on the 44th floor pool deck downtown Chicago right on Lake Michigan. We got the movie off thanks to AIRSCREEN® and Outdoor Movies!”

Chris dePaola, Blazing Star Cinema