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PlusHD Control Console

Popular for its win-win design, the PlusHD console is uncomplicated to use and compact to transport or store. Built with rugged commercial-quality components for organizations that value an economical, durable, easy-to-operate turnkey movie screen package. We back the PlusHD control console, and every system component, with the finest customer support and warranties we hope will have you enthusiastically recommending Outdoor Movies.

GSA Part PLUS2HD-CC     SIN 339992

What's included

  • ATA-rated rackmount case
  • NEW: Rack mounted Denon Blu-ray Disc player
  • Rack mounted power conditioner with LED meters and slide-out work lamps
  • Rack mounted audio mixer
  • Wired microphone
  • Power conditioner with slide out work lamps
  • All audio and video cables prewired and labeled


  • Popular for economy pricing
  • Commercial quality yet uncomplicated to use
  • Compact to transport and store
  • Plug and play. Insert Blu-ray Disc or DVD into the full HD player built into PlusHD console, press play button.


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