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Outdoor Movies is the North American distributor for the industry’s leading inflatable movie screen, AIRSCREEN®. Audio-visual professionals love AIRSCREEN and enthusiastically trust the A/V products we match and pair with every size AIRSCREEN to produce spectacular images and sound for any size audience.

From backyard screenings to multi-location festivals, Outdoor Movies has been field testing movie equipment for 25 years. Great gear is not expensive when it sets up faster, is significantly easier to operate, lasts longer and wows audiences. That’s our approach, and we invite you to have a no-pressure conversation about your needs and goals.

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Peyton Vincent – CEG Interactive

Unlike many other screen designs that are set really low to the ground, with AIRSCREEN your guests will have no problem seeing over beach chairs and event strollers placed between them and the screen. If build quality, wind resistance, and professional image (no saggy top or sides) matters to you, look no further than AIRSCREEN outdoor projection screens.

Steve Alexander – Outdoor Movie Magic

I LOVE my AIRSCREENs. The quality is next to none and Robert puts together some great packages that are filled with quality equipment. All the communities that I “stole” from other companies, I got because my equipment (and service) was light years better than they had before. They never had a picture as clear and crisp and sound so rich as they get with my equipment. Once they have a high quality experience, they never go back even if the price is higher with you.

Shane Garrett Goslin – New Age Cinemas LLC

I only buy AIRSCREEN. Quality is top notch. Had a movie on a lake last night. Wind was blowing hard but the screen didn’t even know it was windy out. Love my 20-ft AIRSCREEN.

Charles Radloff — Celestial Nights Family Entertainment

I’m sooo stoked to be trying an AIRSCREEN and pushing away from Open Air Cinema and my continued issue with seams splitting.

Dave Byrne — Underground Cinema

AIRSCREENs are probably the best quality screen you can get. You do get what you pay for.

Paul Jackman – Funflicks of Northern California

AIRSCREEN has not disappointed and I have received great support from them. I love the AIRSCREEN Airtight screens I own.

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