Outdoor Movie Screens

AIRSCREEN® Inflatable Movie Screens – Simply The World’s Best Outdoor Movie Screens

AIRSCREEN® Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screens

Very simply AIRSCREEN® is the best outdoor movie screen on the market. With thousands of screens sold and in use in the USA and Canada, there is no better outdoor movie product available. We offer sizes from 16′ to 100′ for every need.  For 20 years, customers from Parks & Rec to high profile movie festivals use AIRSCREEN® inflatable outdoor movie screens.  Our large installed base, our customer service and support, patented features and warranty make  AIRSCREEN® the leading outdoor inflatable screen.

Learn more about image perfection, portability, durability and safety.


airscreen aeropro outdoor movie screen at sunset

The AIRSCREEN® Aeropro™ inflatable movie screen offers great value and impressive looks. An easy choice for a 16′ to 40′ wide outdoor movie screen due to build quality, ease of use, and the best projection surfaces available. AIRSCREEN® Aeropro ships within 48 hours, and prices start at $4,595.


Outdoor Movie Screen 80 feet wide - Warner Bro's

AIRSCREEN® Classic stands alone as the flagship of the inflatable screen world with giant sizes up to 80′ wide. For pioneering innovation, state-of-the-art craftsmanship, and elegant design, AIRSCREEN® Classic is your choice for the large outdoor movie events. Ships within 2-8 weeks, and pricing starts at $25,260.


Outdoor Inflatable Screen floating on water

With no full time blower, AIRSCREEN® Airtight™ is the world’s first completely silent inflatable screen solution. For indoor and outdoor applications where super strong materials combined with energy efficient operation are appreciated. These exciting and innovative features of the AIRSCREEN® Airtight™ movie projection screen span 16′ to 24′. Ships within 48 hours, starting at $5,195.


Inflatable Movie Screen 12 feet wide

The AIRSCREEN® Nano is 12′ wide and provides all the technologically advanced features of our larger inflatable movie screens. Runs silently like the AIRSCREEN® Airtight, in a compact size ideal for smaller events and highly discerning home users. Extremely portable and affordable at $2,995. Ships within 48 hours.

AIRSCREEN® Named Top Six A/V Technology

InAVation awarded AIRSCREEN® inflatable movie screens an award of innovative commercial display. AIRSCREEN® is the inflatable movie screen produced for A/V professionals and organizational use.

Sold Worldwide In More Than 100 Countries

The USA and Canada are our biggest markets with more than 2,000 users. The world knows AIRSCREEN® inflatable projector screens for their reliability, superior specifications, and global support.

Four Inflatable Screen Models

AIRSCREEN® models include Aeropro™, Classic, Airtight™ and Nano.  Inflatable movie screen models fit different application needs from movies in the park to film festivals and premieres.

AIRSCREEN Is The Original Inflatable Screen

Others copied the success of AIRSCREEN®, but they have never duplicated its quality.   It is innovative and patent protected. AIRSCREEN® has satisfied customers for 20 years.

Why choose AIRSCREEN inflatable movie screens?

Once customers present a film showing using AIRSCREEN® outdoor movie screens, there’s no turning back. The AIRSCREEN® inflatable screen looks so much better. Its strength inspires confidence and peace of mind. It is highly resistant to high winds. No matter where you’re presenting an outdoor event, an AIRSCREEN® inflatable screen will not bend, flex, fold,  sway, or wrinkle.

What Our Customers Say

design audio video logo “I want to thank you for the excellent service and inflatable screen. We did have some concern about wind but they were unfounded… a great success. We will be calling you in the future as we get more outdoor events.” Peter, Design Audio Video