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New!  iSERIES – Generation 3 Outdoor Movie Screen Theater Systems

When you’ve been interacting with customers for more than 20 years, you understand what could make their life easier and worry-free – before anyone else. That’s why the iSERIES Outdoor Movie Screen Packages were born.

An iSERIES outdoor movie screen package revolutionizes the outdoor movie industry by taking the reliability, portability and ease of use to the next level. The third generation iSERIES console features an 11″ MacBook Air laptop paired with rack mounted audio and power conditioning in a rugged travel case for a sleek, easily transportable outdoor theater system that delivers power, performance and beauty PLUS the ultimate outdoor movie screen – the AIRSCREEN®.

MacBook Air, outdoor movie screen and projector all included in our iSERIES - Generation 3 Outdoor Movie Package

16′ x 9′

This is the perfect iSERIES Outdoor Theater System for events expecting 75-250 people in the audience. This outdoor movie screen package is compact and yet makes no compromises offering the same component features as our larger screen packages.

20′ x 11′

This 20′ x 11’3″ iSERIES Outdoor Movie Screen System offers a 46% larger screen than the 16′ x 9′ and is perfect organizations expecting 500 people. Often installed by one person, this easy to use theater system comes with all the iSERIES bells and whistles.

24′ x 13′

Impressive in every respect, the 24′ x 13’6″ iSERIES Outdoor Movie Screen System satisfies those needing a large screen. This size is perfect for audiences of up to 750 people. With full High Definition resolution, audiences become immersed in the content.

30′ x 17′

With 550 sq ft of screen surface, the 30′ x 17′ provides unparalleled size and viewing quality while retaining iSERIES ease of use. This package is for audience sizes up to 1,200.

40′ x 22′

The 40′ x 22′ is 72% larger than than the 30′ x 17′. If scale and size are what you need, this iSERIES Outdoor Movie Screen Package offers it on every dimension. An extraordinary movie viewing experience recommended for audience sizes up to 1,500.

Incredibly Cool

Looks matter! Whether it’s your presentation for corporate or a community event, the sleek looking iSERIES will impress your customers and fill you with confidence.

You CAN Have It All

And then some… exclusive Outdoor Movies software runs operations and sends cues to Dual BluRay players, our 1920 x 1080p Digital Projector and top quality QSC Audio all pointed to the ultimate outdoor movie screen package from AIRSCREEN®.

Easy Interface

The iSERIES is the convergence of user intelligence and the smart screen. Anyone on your staff who can “point and click” can run the iSERIES package. No worries, no snafus. And the training is built-in on the iMac©.

Customer Service

You’ll never have a problem we can’t solve with a phone call. We’re your partners in the success of your events. We know our products and your goals. Our customers always know their needs will be quickly resolved.

*Free shipping – 48 states continental USA, commercial addresses.

What Our Customers Say

Director at One Six Right was impressed with Outdoor Movies' professionalism and high quality equpiment“Just wanted to let you know that I was thoroughly impressed with your outdoor movie screen and the overall professionalism of your technical team. The HD projection was among the very best I had ever seen. I have a very critical eye, know my film intimately. In my estimation, your picture/sound was without question in the top 1%. As a filmmaker, it means a lot to have the attention to detail rendered in the exhibition of the picture, as it ultimately is the only detail that really matters.”

Brian J. Terwilliger, Director – One Six Right