Beloit International Film festival to use outdoor movie screens

by Bob Deutsch

Beloit International Film festival to use outdoor movie screens

News that increasingly more film festivals are popping up, it seems necessary for festivals to find new ways to attract audiences. Two groups – the Hendrix Group and Beloit College, the school known for its annual “Mindset List” – will be screening films from February 14 – 17 for the college’s Beloit International Film Festival. But this year marks the first year the festival will use outdoor movie screens.

Beloit College, a liberal arts school located in Beloit, Wisconsin, has teamed up with a local First National Bank and Trust to purchase an inflatable outdoor movie screen to use not only during the festival, but throughout the year as well, according to the Beloit Daily News.

BIFF will feature movies from 100 different filmmakers throughout the weekend, including short films, documentaries and feature films. According to the festival’s website, the honorary chair of BIFF and producer and director David Zucker will also be attending the festival and will answer questions about his film “The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad.” Zucker was the director of the classic “Airplane” as well as other films including “Ruthless People,” “Top Secret!” and “My Boss’s Daughter.”

“Every one of his 15 studio films has been profitable setting an unparalleled track record in a highly competitive industry,” BIFF president Ron Nief said on the organization’s website.

This year, BIFF has expanded its program to include a festival called “BIFF + Music” to accompany the films. Bands will be performing at different venues in Beloit the same weekend, offering audience members a number of entertainment options. In addition, films debuted during the weekend will also be screened throughout the year in Beloit.


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