EAW RS121 Powered Speaker Bundle

Touring-grade sound at a rarely seen price! SAVE $1,082. This outstanding speaker bundle combines two EAW RS121 powered speakers, matching 50′ ultra-quiet XLR speaker cables, and two sturdy speaker stands with dedicated storage/transport case.

Bundled Item #1: The signature sound of EAW speakers is precise and balanced. Each RS121 pumps out 1500 watts of unmatched clarity throughout the listening area at high drive levels accurately shaped by Eastern Acoustic Works DSP, Focusing™ and DynO™. Advanced port design and asymmetric geometry control reflections and resonance, and pattern control is further enhanced by a large-format constant directivity horn design. In other words, fantastic sound!

Bundled Item #2: Two 50′ Outdoor Movies tour grade, ultra quiet, and ultra durable XLR speaker cables hand-built by skilled technicians in the United States to our specifications. The cable construction, XLR connectors, solder, flux and shrink tube are tested to create the finest cable possible. The magic of these cables is a layer of thermoplastic polyethylene blended with carbon fiber to create a conductive layer that is perfectly snug around the inner cores. When your audio cables encounter electromagnetic noise from power cables and lighting or suffer the abuse of outdoor use, these Outdoor Movies cables will exceed your expectations.

Bundled Item #3: Typically sold in our complete movie screen packages, the speaker stands included in this bundle are also compatible with great speaker brands (like the QSC varieties we sell) and come with a tough nylon storage/transport bag

EAW RS121 Powered Speaker Bundle
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What's included

  • Operating Range: 27 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 135 dB
  • Max Output LF / HF (Peak): 1500W Type: Class D
  • Nominal Beamwidth: 90° Horizontal x 60° Vertical
  • Nominal Phase: ±15° from ideal high-pass filter
  • Individual speakers weight 42 pounds. Complete bundle is 73 pounds


  • Two EAW RS121 durable wooden enclosures with M10 threaded suspension points
  • Touring grade transducers
  • 1500 watts Class-D amplification
  • EAW Focusing for unmatched clarity and accuracy
  • EAW signature pattern control
  • Portable, retractable speaker stands with tote bag
  • Two ultra-quiet and durable 50′ XLR speaker cables
  • EAW 6-year powered speaker warranty


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