Speaker Cable 50′

Outdoor Movies Tour Grade, Ultra Quiet, and Ultra Durable Speaker Cables are hand-built by skilled technicians in the United States to our specifications using only the finest materials.

The cable construction, XLR connectors, solder, flux and shrink tube are each carefully chosen and tested to create the finest cable possible. Each conductor uses 20 strands of pure copper with no aluminum (like inferior cables). The magic of Outdoor Movies cables is a layer of thermoplastic polyethylene precisely blended with carbon fiber to create a conductive layer that is perfectly snug around the red and white inner cores.

These days there is a gigantic amount wireless noise in our world (especially electromagnetic noise from power cables and lighting), plus cables are subject to abuse (by people and casters) in the world of outdoor movie entertainment. When selecting your cable, you can have confidence that products from Outdoor Movies will always exceed your expectations.

(And you thought these were just cables!)



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