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Outdoor projection screen surface options added

The addition of two new outdoor projection screen surface type options bring the next level of professional adaptability to AIRSCREEN. The new Twin Projection Surface adds flexibility for combination front and rear projection from the same screen surface Our new 1.5 Gain Front Projection Surface reflects 1.5x more light back to the audience than the standard front … [Read more...]

Projection mapping a hit on New Years Eve

Countries all over the world welcomed the New Year last week. There were celebrations of all types, but a new trend we saw emerging this year was projection mapping. This technique involves transforming unique surfaces, such as building walls or sculptures, into projection surfaces. While it isn’t a new technology, we’ve seen an increase in this innovative way to use a … [Read more...]

iSERIES to use Macbook Air laptops

Outdoor movie nirvana. That’s what Outdoor Movies’ iSERIES outdoor theater system package is. It’s the most innovative and technologically advanced outdoor movie package we offer. The first generation of the iSERIES utilized iMac desktop computers for playback, but in listening to the needs of our customers, Outdoor Movies has made this theater system more portable and … [Read more...]

New and improved projectors

While inflatable movie screens are our claim to fame, Outdoor Movies has a vast supply of projection solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. We have long been dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality and most reliable products on the market, but this time we have taken a step further. We’d like to introduce our newest additions to the Projectors … [Read more...]

Which spare parts do you need?

It is always a good idea to have back up equipment for your outdoor movie theater system. Better safe than sorry, right? We can never fully rely on electronics, so it’s best to have the proper spare parts so you never miss a show. When Outdoor Movies handles event production, we make sure to bring a back up for every piece of equipment at the site. Our recommendation is … [Read more...]