Introducing The SubZERO Cold Weather Screen Surface

by Bob Deutsch

Snow Tires For Your AIRSCREEN®

At Outdoor Movies, we care about the technical performance of your AIRSCREEN®. In the past, there was a defined outdoor movie season and the screen surface product was designed to use from Spring through Fall in most regions. With the pandemic causing a season extending into cold weather months, we realize there is a real need for a screen surface that will not be damaged by cold weather.

Technical Characteristics of SubZERO

  • Remains flexible in temperatures down to zero Fahrenheit (-17 Celsius)
  • Seamless white/white theatrical projection surface
  • Unity (.96) gain
  • Does not become brittle and will not crack in cold weather
  • Not useful in warm weather with a 10% stretch factor in temperatures above 50°F (10°C)


The original high-quality theatrical surface provided with your AIRSCREEN becomes stiff and brittle in cold weather (this is what prevents it stretching in warm weather). In temperatures below 50°F (10°C), the screen can crack if folded. Below 40°F, there is a risk of permanent damage during normal use. Below 30°F damage is almost guaranteed. As a note, this applies to virtually all professional surfaces (not just AIRSCREEN).

Save 10% Before October 1st

For sizes, pricing and online ordering visit SubZERO Cold Weather Screen Surfaces. Orders placed in September will be discounted 10% and shipped to you in October.

Winter weather is coming, and having a SubZERO Cold Weather Screen Surface is like putting snow tires on your AIRSCREEN.

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