Off-Season Storage Tips

by Bob Deutsch

In many regions we serve, the outdoor movie season ends when cold weather arrives. For these customers let's revisit how to pack up and store your equipment until warm weather returns. As sure as sunrise, these off-season routines will help maximize the life of your equipment and how well it performs.

Outdoor Movie Screens

Cleaning: It is imperative to thoroughly clean your inflatable movie screen frame and projection surface before storing. Wash these with water and a little dishwashing liquid like Joy. Be sure to remove leaves, bugs and other organics from the screen because these will create permanent stains. Fantastik or Formula 409 is appropriate for tougher dirt, but should be applied sparingly. Also make sure there is no abrasives or bleach in any cleaner you use. [More info on screen surface cleaning].

Screen Surface Removal: The screen and frame need to be completely dry before they are folded or rolled up. For movie screens 40 feet wide or larger, remove the screen surface to minimize the chance of mold or mildew or creasing. This is less likely to occur on screens less than 30 feet wide. If you decide to remove the surface, store it in the box it was received in or in a similar container.

Inventory: Winter storage is also a good time to take an inventory of everything you are storing so you have that list when your retrieve the equipment for next season.

Check Parts: Look for missing or damaged parts, especially screen ties.

Storage: The last step is choosing the best place to keep your Outdoor Movies screen. Always protect your equipment in a climate-controlled environment. Even the highest quality inflatable movie screen can be damaged by extreme cold and heat.

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Movie Projectors

During outdoor use, the internal components of many projectors are protected from dirt and dust by an air filter. A dirty filter will restrict airflow, and restricted airflow causes decreased bulb life, overheating and reduced performance.

On fan-cooled projectors, find the air intake then locate and remove the air filter. Most are made from foam rubber you can easily clean with water, then dry. Some need to be replaced. Either way, air filter maintenance is a critical preventative maintenance step.

All year long, a lens cleaning kit with lens paper, a camel hair brush and cleaning solution is good to have on hand. Reputable camera stores carry them. Lens cleaning always requires light pressure and a circular motion to remove dust and fingerprints. If the projector’s lens cap has been lost, now is a great time to replace it.

Elsewhere on your projector, remove any dust apparent to the eye with a clean dry cloth.

Remove the batteries from the remote control, and check for all necessary cables and adapters.

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