Is Your Screen Ready for Spring?

by Bob Deutsch

Are you excited for the arrival of warmer weather? We certainly are. While we manage to stay busy with film festivals in the more fair-weather areas of the world, there’s nothing like the fresh weather of Spring.


But with that, it’s about time for outdoor events again. How is your equipment holding up? We pride ourselves in durable equipment just as much as our service. Don’t forget to inspect your screens and other equipment. Give us a call if it’s time for replacements, or have a look at our website for more in-depth maintenance tips. We hope you enjoy the transition to warmer months – we at Outdoor Movies can’t wait!


While you’re looking through your equipment for the coming year, make sure you have everything you need and that it’s in working order. If your screen is in great condition and you want to keep it that way, we offer protective surfaces for the front and rear of your screen. If you’ve lost stakes or tethers, we offer those as well. Remember that being safe is always better than being sorry, and small preventative measures up-front can save larger costs of replacements down the line.


Pictured: Our view at the recent Borscht Film Festival in Miami, Florida. We had a great place to set up for this event at the Olympia Theatre!


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