Invest in Total Cost of Ownership

by Bob Deutsch

Budgets matter. Whether it’s a park or recreation destination, house of worship, nationwide hospitality chain, equipment rental company or movie screening service: you have a budget to meet.

With that in mind, it can be tempting to focus on lower price as a tie breaker when comparing outdoor movie equipment with similar features and lookalike photos. Unfortunately, and all too often, hidden expenses understate the actual cost of ownership.

True cost of ownership includes the impact of down time (interrupted and cancelled events), repairs, and the cost of early replacement. To forecast these factors, a trustworthy seller will share customer experience relevant to your anticipated use. Outdoor Movies case histories span 20 years and thousands of customers.

How OUTDOOR MOVIES Lowers Cost of Ownership

Outdoor Movies vs Expensive Movies

AIRSCREEN® movie screens (and Outdoor Movies easy-to-operate complete cinema systems) offer 10+ years of service life at a substantially lower cost per year than equipment built to break or replace in 3 to 5 years.

Top-Quality Construction Lasts Longer

Every AIRSCREEN® seam and d-ring assembly is RF welded and triple reinforced. Every deflation closure is fortified by patented double Velcro seals. Overbuilding these (and other) components provides two critical advantages:

  • Structure and strength to handle the higher-pressure inflation required to stand rock hard like a tire, unable to bend, flex or move in the wind
  • Time-tested durability to withstand thousands of set up and take down cycles

RF welding induces high intensity radio waves to bond seams from the inside out, unlike heat welding which produces a weaker seal from the outside in. Rips and tears seen surprising early in the shorter life of lower-priced outdoor screens are also avoided by reinforcing our anchor d-rings with multiple fabric layers and extra stitching.

Altogether, these high-end construction techniques produce a more reliable outdoor movie screen and a superb viewer experience, while giving presenters a screen that costs less to own per year.

Invest in Durability and Long Life Cycle

Disappointed by a poor-performing movie screen, projector or other cinema components? Avoid the stress, risk and uncertainty of owning lower-quality equipment by investing in the long-term reliability of AIRSCREEN® and Outdoor Movies Complete Cinema Systems. Our products have been trusted by recreation professionals for more than 25 years!

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