Summer Outdoor Movies: How to make the perfect, recurring movie event

by Kevin Little

Happy summer! This time of year, the best big-name festivals, concerts and planned community gatherings will take advantage of the beautiful warm weather and sunshine. Event organizers that like to take advantage of that can be limited by the available daylight hours — but thankfully not with an outdoor movie.

Event attractions are always enhanced by activity, and we of course are no strangers to these events! But some of the better events go above and beyond – adding a movie as the climactic addition to a state fair, park festival, or large estate event. The best of these offer a winning combination of food, music and local flair. If we break down these community-favorite events, what are the most common (yet fun) ideas to adapt?

  1. Food: Variety is key, but so is knowing your audience! Local favorites can be brought in the form of food trucks, while beverage bars and grilling stations can add that extra bit of fun.
  2. Activities: If your event is meant to attract parents with children, summer games are always a big hit. Volleyball, badminton, frisbee, anything that can be designated to an area and provide entertainment throughout the day.
  3. Media and vendors: Local radio stations help with promotion or assist in music, while professional, live musicians are great crowd-pleasers. Local merchants are a great addition, whether their goods are themed or fun to have on the premises.
  4. Screening: There are limitless viewing options that can even become the central event by itself. Live broadcasted events, classic movies, concert playback or family favorites. No matter the theme of your event, there’s always great option!

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