Inflatable Movie Screens for Indoor and Outdoor? Meet the AIRSCREEN® Airtight.

by Kevin Little

In a recent email, we covered one of the two AIRSCREEN® models we carry: the AIRSCREEN® Classic. By far our most commonly used model, this screen fills swiftly, deflates with ease, and offers a simple solution for professional outdoor movie operators.

AIRSCREEN® Airtight is our other main model of inflatable screen… But what makes the Airtight different?

  • No operating blower: Be free of the constant operating blower of the AIRSCREEN® Classic. While useful for staying perfectly inflated, the AIRTIGHT maintains similarly high pressure to the Classic – standing strong in hefty winds.
  • No electricity while operating: Leave the electricity to your projector, speakers and extra equipment — once the Airtight is properly assembled, feel free to set it anywhere your projector can shed light!
  • Efficient in outdoor or indoor settings: Without the operating blower, there’s no ambient noise created. This allows for movie setups in either indoor or outdoor environments, giving you a great value for multiple uses.

We recommend that you take stock of your upcoming year in outdoor cinema: will you be outdoors more often, or need a projection surface in multiple settings? Is electricity in plentiful supply, and in practical locations?

Regardless of your needs, there’s an AIRSCREEN® for you. View our catalog to see all we have to offer.

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