Is your Projector “Safe”? Protect your Investment with Optoma

by Kevin Little

Protecting your Investment with an Optoma Projector

When you invest thousands of dollars in a high-end projector, you expect that it will work as intended for its advertised lifespan. Even with frequent usage, parts can be replaced and maintained with more long-term goals in mind.

Outdoor Movies partners with some of the most reliable suppliers and manufacturers in AV media – brands we know and use ourselves after more than 20 years in the business. Among these are Optoma, a source for HD projectors, and most often paired with our AIRSCREEN® packages.

Many Optoma projectors purchased through Outdoor Movies come with Optoma Express. This program provides some of the finest projector support available, minimizing downtime in the unlikely event of a necessary repair. In such a case, a call to Optoma’s customer service team will help determine:

  • The cause of the issue
  • The terms of your current warranty
  • Whether or not a repair is necessary

Best of all, if your “Optoma Express” qualified projector is sent to Optoma for repair, they will ship you an expedited replacement projector. This ensures that, regardless of your event deadline, you will always have a functioning projector. While the program last for 3 years per projector, there are specific terms and conditions attached. You can view the policy in more detail here – and if you’re not sure if your new Optoma purchase is elligible, feel free to contact us!

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