Cleaning your AIRSCREEN® Surface – Stay Projection-Ready All Summer Long!

by Kevin Little

Confidently clean your screen surface – or find a simple replacement

After a few months of heavy use, your AIRSCREEN® surface may come into contact with some outdoor wear and tear. It happens! Insects are attracted to bright light and outdoor settings bring the elements with them — dirt, mud, rain and more. Our screen surfaces are durable, but in some ways delicate with cleaning methods. You don’t want the wrong chemicals to distort the color or quality! So… What is the best way to clean a screen surface?

There are three trusted methods to getting your screen surface clean:

  1. Dish soap – Add to water and gently scrub with terry cloth. This method is the least “intrusive”, and should take care of most stains.
  2. Fantastik – It’s important to note that this all-purpose cleaner is tested and confirmed to be safe for our screen surfaces. We can’t guarantee that any other brands work as safely!
  3. “Magic Eraser” products – As the last line of defense, these products almost always take care of the problem… but not without a caveat. With a tendency to damage or dry out the screen material, these should be your last resort. (“If I can’t get this stain out, I will need to buy a new surface!”)

If your screen surface is stained or damaged beyond repair, we offer replacements on all of our standard AIRSCREEN® size ranges.  For more information, you can visit our surfaces catalog or contact us for the best recommendations on your AIRSCREEN® .

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