FREE Blower-Silencing Case

by Bob Deutsch

Providing great value to our customers has been a top priority at Outdoor Movies for 25 years. In the face of price inflation across most industries, we are finding imaginative ways to lower costs. In that spirit, we are giving away a FREE Blower-Silencing Case with every AIRSCREEN portable movie screen and AIRSCREEN ready-to-run movie screen package purchased for $10,000 or more.

This ATA-rated blower-silencing travel and storage case is a $500 value and one of our most popular accessories! You can also buy it for $325 plus shipping with any AIRSCREEN or turnkey package costing $5,000 or more.

Blower Silencing Case - Open

Secured with two lockable clasp-action catches, blower operating noise from AIRSCREEN® 16′ to 40′ inflatable movie screens is reduced by 20 db. The case is also sized to fit AIRSCREEN 52′ blowers purchased after 12/2020.

AIRSCREEN portable projection screens are the most durable and reliable in the recreation and entertainment industries – with an inflatable frame so well engineered many have been in service 10 years or longer.

To meet your needs, Outdoor Movies manufactures and supports twenty nine ready-to-run AIRSCREEN outdoor movie theater packages. Every bundle includes a world-leading AIRSCREEN (12’ to 40’ wide), matching high-end projector, QSC powered speakers, rack-mounted controls, every essential accessory, and 24/7 support –– priced way lower than the components alone, and now with 50% OFF shipping! One pallet or two, our freight carriers can deliver your AIRSCREEN or movie screen package in 2-4 business days*.

We are proud to be the market leader for outdoor entertainment equipment. Always call us for trusted advice on new purchases, updating your gear, maintenance or repairs.

* Shipping excludes fees added by our carriers for delivery to a residential or limited access address, and fees charged to send a truck equipped with a liftgate, schedule an appointment or call prior to delivery. We will notify you if a purchase will incur additional shipping charges.

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