What’s On The Horizon

by Bob Deutsch

We’re celebrating  the bright future of outdoor cinema with this fun 22-second video. Take a minute to see what’s on the horizon and imagine a similar scene (with or without the sandy tropical beach, palm trees and exotic birds).

One year ago … the pandemic shut down the entire entertainment industry. Early on, households rediscovered the drive-in. It connected with our culture, our past and our communities. The drive-in format is here to stay!

What comes next … outdoor movie events feel safe. Winter grey fades into fresh spring breezes, wide vistas, beautiful sunsets, big blankets, comfortable camp chairs, and twinkling stars set the scene. Hot popcorn and the aroma of good food in the air. All together … the setting, the movie, the quality time with family, friends and neighbors — the entire experience elicits strong feelings.

Community spirit … inspires wave after wave of pop-up outdoor screening events. Not just movies but concerts, comedy shows, sports, Broadway, watch parties, weddings and worship services.

Our focus … is on your event needs. Whether your organization is municipal, military, hospitality, a festival, special events, or a property or venue or company that serves these clients by renting portable outdoor screens, projection and audio. Our goal is to have quality equipment in stock and ready for your needs, just as we have done for the past 23 years.

With that in mind … scroll down for quick links to the many options and most popular gear from Outdoor-Movies.com:

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