iSERIES to use Macbook Air laptops

by Bob Deutsch

MacBook with iSERIESOutdoor movie nirvana. That’s what Outdoor Movies’ iSERIES outdoor theater system package is. It’s the most innovative and technologically advanced outdoor movie package we offer. The first generation of the iSERIES utilized iMac desktop computers for playback, but in listening to the needs of our customers, Outdoor Movies has made this theater system more portable and easier to use than ever.

The second generation iSERIES outdoor movie package will now include an 11” MacBook Air laptop as the control console. The laptop is easier to transport and provides a more user-friendly interface than the first version of the system. Owners of this system simply load their content into iTunes, hook the MacBook up to the projector and sound system, and go!

iTunes as primary playback makes it much easier for customers to use. Many people are already familiar with the software. It is also ideal for events projecting content on-screen before the show. All content can be stored in iTunes in a single playlist, and projected on screen with just the click of a button (or track pad).

The most exciting part about the update to the iSERIES outdoor movie screen package is the effect it has on price. Many of the systems will decrease in price, making them more affordable for customers on a budget who still require top quality projection.

All these improvements AND a lower price? How can you resist our most cutting-edge outdoor movie theater system, the iSERIES? Contact us today for more information about this exciting new package.

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