Introducing AIRSCREEN® Drive 30′, 40′ and 52′ Outdoor Movie Screens

by Bob Deutsch

With back-to-back projection surfaces, the patent-pending AIRSCREEN® Drive series is a huge hit

A new generation of movie fans has discovered the drive-in theater. In a retro feel-good way, 2020 audiences are experiencing the fun of outdoor movies like it was 1955. New drive-in locations are popping up around the world, creating jobs and entertaining people in open spaces and the comfort of their car.

Today, inspired by the input of entrepreneurs and organizations operating drive-in theaters, Outdoor Movies presents AIRSCREEN® Drive: innovative patent-pending movie screens featuring back-to-back projection surfaces 30′, 40′ or 52′ wide.

With dual screens and the flexibility to show two movie titles simultaneously, drive-in theaters can optimize ticket sales and double the size of their up-close viewing area.

AIRSCREEN® Drive models also include a 9’10” (3.0m) bottom picture line, elevating screen-to-ground clearance for maximum lines of sight. Audiences will be WOW’ed!

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AIRSCREEN® Drive 30′
AIRSCREEN® Drive 40′
AIRSCREEN® Drive 52′

Everyone at Outdoor Movies is grateful for the recent surge of interest in our drive-in movie screens and systems. It is deeply satisfying to know we can help lift the spirits of thousands affected by the Covid-19 health crisis.

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