Outdoor Movies – Around the World and Around the Corner

by Kevin Little

The second quarter of Outdoor Movies season is going full steam ahead. Between film festivals, local shows and travel beyond the states, we’re always happy to have the perfect tools for the job!

Not only is Outdoor Movies a one-stop online source for inflatable movie screens, speakers, audio equipment and projectors, we provide services to operate and train others on the equipment. Often, we are contracted to travel and run the more technical side for clients of larger festivals. 20 years of operating the most advanced digital cinema technology tends to result in good shows!

But not every outdoor film event requires a full professional team – especially when the event is smaller, or you have a few technically-savvy employees that are up to the task. For situations like these, we recommend looking at one of our outdoor movie packages. These are all-inclusive technical bundles that include an AIRSCREEN, control console, speakers, projection… Everything you need to get the show on the road. Literally!

Take our 16′ AIRSCREEN and PlusHD package as a common example. The package accommodates up to 250 people, and the PlusHD console is stress-free model to operate. We like to recommend this to new and upcoming events until the event grows larger – its cost efficiency and ease of use can’t be beat.

Whether your show travels or stays put, Outdoor Movies has you covered. Regardless of your destination, remember to safely store your tech!

Blower silencing case for AIRSCREEN® 16' to 40'


Our ATA rated road cases are ready for storage or travel. Consider these to extend lifespan and mobilize your equipment with attachable casters.

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