The Most Common Outdoor Movie Repairs and Replacements

by Kevin Little

With every year of outdoor movie season comes the task of evaluating your old equipment… And occasionally, you may find that age or environment has done a number on your technology. Whether that’s equipment breakage or lost parts, we are always at the ready to repair or replace critical items and equipment!

Projection surfaces tend to need replacement after about five or six years (if treated with care.). Beside occasional wear and tear, insects are attracted to such a bright surface at night… Over the years, no matter how much you clean, that grime tends to build up! Thankfully, Outdoor Movies offers convenient screen surface replacements at an affordable price – negating the need to buy an entirely new AIRSCREEN®.

Another item we regularly replace are screen ties. These cords keep the screen surface attached to the frame, and while they are resilient, they can be easily misplaced! If your AIRSCREEN® sees a lot of travel or multi-room storage, it would be wise to invest in an extra 25 screen ties just to keep on hand. It definitely pays to be prepared.

Finally, we have to mention the more expensive replacements – speakers, subwoofers, control consoles and projectors. Over the years, any number of things can happen: environmental damage, dead inputs, disc drive dust, fading color on projected images, electric shocks. These are never fun to replace, but by performing test runs prior to every showing, you can lessen the chance of something going terribly wrong mid-movie.

We urge you to give your equipment a good, full test run before starting your season, then feel free to contact us if something seems to be missing or damaged. We’ll always do the best we can to get you sorted — correctly, and at the best price!

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