Keep your screen surface clean and dry

by Bob Deutsch

cleaning screen surfaceWhether you’re in the heart of your season or storing your equipment for the winter months, it is always necessary to keep your screen surface clean and dry. This will not only lengthen the life of it, but also make your presentations look more professional. A dirty surface can distract from the movie you are showing if it interferes with the picture.

We recommend cleaning the surface after each use, just to be safe. This is especially important if you use your equipment in adverse weather conditions, such as high winds or rain. Bugs, water and debris can stick to the surface when you are folding it for storage, and can leave irreparable marks. Even if you use the surface indoors without one of our inflatable movie screens, we still suggest a good scrub down after each event.

When working in windy weather, leaves, grass or twigs may get folded up with the surface when you are preparing to store it. When you return from an event, you should be sure to clean off anything that may have gotten caught inside. Twigs could tear the surface, and leaves or grass may stick to it and leave marks.

It is most important to clean your surface as soon as possible after using it in the rain. The screen surface has a border of small holes reinforced with metal to attach it to the inflatable frame. When you fold your surface when it is wet, the metal can rust and leave stains. After using your equipment in the rain, be sure to open the surface to dry as soon as possible, and clean before any damage is done.

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