Inflatable Movie Screens – The AIRSCREEN® Difference

by Kevin Little

Inflatable outdoor movie screens – if you had to summarize what our absolute best product and expertise involves, it would be this. The AIRSCREEN>® Classic and Airtight lineup is far and away the highest quality inflatable movie screen on the market. We are happy to both sell and use these products in the field. Of course, we are confident in our knowledge and deep product line support for projection and audio… but with an AIRSCREEN® you’ll be getting some seriously long, reliable mileage out of your purchase. Most AIRSCREEN®’s sold are still in use ten years after they are purchased.

What is an AIRSCREEN®?

This is the specific brand of inflatable screen that we sell. AIRSCREEN® is tough, durable and does not bend in the wind. You will have an excellent viewing experience when using this screen during film festivals or other large-scale events, where viewing purity is crucial. See our most ideal scenarios here.

While we could continue raving about how well the product performs, we’ll let the detailed specs speak for themselves.

What AIRSCREEN® models are offered by Outdoor Movies?

We currently offer AIRSCREEN® Classic and AIRSCREEN® Airtight. The classic model can scale up to a massive 80’ wide offering a true giant cinema experience to audiences of up to 10,000 people, while the smaller models of Airtight scale down to 12’, which is right size for a small park setting or backyard. Aside from sizing, our models can vary in function. The Classic model inflates quickly and utilizes a constant blower to maintains inflation. AIRSCREEN® Airtight model needs only initial inflation and no continually running blower.  Note Airtight models are available in widths up to 24.

Inflatable Screens Comparison

How do you store an AIRSCREEN®?

One great aspect of an AIRSCREEN® is in the name… Air. Storage for such a large screen comes down to deflating the frame, and folding the screen using the provided instructions. We also provide quality cases and storage solutions for our equipment – this is high-end technology, so you’ll want to treat your investment well!

Cleaning Movie Screen Surface

The outdoor screen surface is removed from the large, inflatable frame. From there: stretch, clean, and store!

As a seller of high end, festival-quality inflatable movie screens, we source to film festivals and events in 110 countries. No large event is outside of our comfort zone! If you have any questions about how our outdoor screens can help your screening event, feel free to contact us.

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