Get proper training before using your AIRSCREEN

by Bob Deutsch

Bad Screen SetupKnowing how to use your new inflatable movie screen makes your life so much easier in so many different ways. Nobody wants to spend all their time and effort setting up their equipment, only to realize that one little mistake they made makes all the difference.

Now, time is one major reason to learn the ins and outs before attempting to use the equipment. With proper training, a crew of two people could set up a screen up to 24’ wide in less than an hour. Without it, well, who knows? Event organizers factor in set up time when planning the show. It could be catastrophic if your screen is not inflated and ready to go in time.

Perhaps the most important reason to get proper training is safety. Our AIRSCREENs are built to withstand heavy winds and adverse weather conditions. If it can hold its own against 25 mph winds, how do you think it’s going to stand up against you? The people in this video could have been seriously injured by the falling screen. Imagine a couple hundred pounds tumbling down on your crew at full force.

Your movie screen falling over is not the only safety issue that can result from lack of training. While going for a wild ride on one of the tethers might sound fun, it’s incredibly dangerous. Trust us on this one. We know from experience. Which is why you should take advantage of the training we offer when you buy an outdoor movie screen or package. Contact us today for details and to book your training session.

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