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Is Your Screen Ready for Spring?

Are you excited for the arrival of warmer weather? We certainly are. While we manage to stay busy with film festivals in the more fair-weather areas of the world, there's nothing like the fresh weather of Spring.   But with that, it's about time for outdoor events again. How is your equipment holding up? We pride ourselves in durable equipment just as much as … [Read more...]

Keep your screen surface clean and dry

Whether you’re in the heart of your season or storing your equipment for the winter months, it is always necessary to keep your screen surface clean and dry. This will not only lengthen the life of it, but also make your presentations look more professional. A dirty surface can distract from the movie you are showing if it interferes with the picture. We recommend … [Read more...]

Get proper training before using your AIRSCREEN

Knowing how to use your new inflatable movie screen makes your life so much easier in so many different ways. Nobody wants to spend all their time and effort setting up their equipment, only to realize that one little mistake they made makes all the difference. Now, time is one major reason to learn the ins and outs before attempting to use the equipment. With proper … [Read more...]

Storing your screen for the winter

All good things must come to an end – at least temporarily. And for those of us who are experiencing colder weather, that good thing is this year’s outdoor movie season. Now, that isn’t to say we can’t squeeze out another few weeks. We have outdoor movie events running through the end of October! But eventually, we’ll have to pack up much of our equipment until the … [Read more...]

Where to place your stakes

You’ve bought your inflatable movie screen or theater system, and now you’re ready to test it out.  The first step is choosing the perfect spot to set up you’re screen.  The next step is deciding the most efficient way to secure it. Proper anchor points are instrumental to the durability of your screen and safety of anyone who may come in to contact with it.  Whether it … [Read more...]