Outdoor Movie Packages – Speakers

by Kevin Little

Closing out our outdoor movie packages series is a focus on speaker systems. While going  hand-in-hand with our assembled consoles, speaker systems are fairly simple in the selection process. The most important things to consider will be placement of the speakers, audience size (as always), and the size of the area you’ll be displaying the movie in. In nearly every case, the speaker system that comes with the package will be perfect for the occasion.

QSC Outdoor Speakers

  • Front and Back – K10.2 Speakers

Outdoor Movies relies on the QSC brand, specifically the K series of speakers. Taken from our product pages, these speakers feature DMT™ (Directivity-Matched Transition) to ensure smooth coverage across the entire listening area, plus advanced on-board Intrinsic Correction™ DSP voicing that further optimizes performance.

At a reasonable weight, the K series is the perfect match of portability and power for your Outdoor Movie screen package, with total output that defies the system’s size and weight.

Professionalism and attractive design mesh well with their fantastic performance. We also offer a range of tote bags that fit whichever set you need as an add-on, as well as Ksub covers. These are highly recommended for keeping them safe and free from long-term dust and debris.

QSC Speakers Warranty

QSC provides you with a very reliable warranty plan, lasting as long as 6 years!

As with our other items, we are more than happy to help with recommendations for other speaker brands if there’s a specific need or concern you have. Just contact us and we’ll build a quote that we’re sure you’ll be pleased with.

We hope our series on Outdoor Movie packages was helpful in dissecting the main parts of an outdoor movie screening. These packages are meant to be cost-effective options to setting up large-scale events — without the hassle of figuring out the technicalities. If you have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to let us know!


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