5 Control Consoles to Simplify your Outdoor Movie

by Kevin Little

Your outdoor movie event is finally ready. The AIRSCREEN® is inflated, your speakers are mounted perfectly, projector aligned for optimal viewing… But now, you need a way to control it all from a distance.

Most outdoor movie operators or tech-savvy event coordinators know the importance of media control consoles: put simply, a set of carefully integrated components used to balance and manage the audio and video of a movie.

Professional theaters and cinemas will typically rely on a permanent control booth installed for such purposes. When traveling or relying on varying outdoor settings; the needs change a bit. Portability, rugged casing, power conditioning, and technical quality all take precedence — so at Outdoor Movies, we created five control consoles with their own unique takes on this idea.

Which of our consoles is right for your job?

PlusHD: The perfect control console on a budget. Easily control the audio levels of your Blu-ray Disc or DVD movie, all in a sleek and compact package.

ProHD: For professional film festivals and A/V tech companies that rely solely on physical disc media, the ProHD console offers twin HD preview monitors and two separate Blu-ray Disc players paired with a high-definition HDMI video switcher.

Drive-In: Mimicking the ProHD base model in functionality, the Drive-In control console trades its speaker system for a stereo FM transmitter with features including a compressor/limiter, fault and circuit protection and so much more. We also include a commercial grade dipole FM transmission antenna.

iSERIES: Our first model that focused entirely on electronic media storage, forgoing the need for Blu-ray Disc or DVD use. Control audio levels on a rack mounted mixer, and create playlists on the familiar interface of the included 13’ MacBook Air for seamless video control.

iSERIES Ultimate: Combining the original iSERIES’ utility for electronic media storage with a mounted Blu-ray Disc player, the iSERIES Ultimate is a guaranteed way to future-proof your media setup. Playback from legacy physical media and current electronic storage provides the most versatile control console we offer.

However you decide to control your movie media, we’re happy to help you pick the right model for your gear.

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