Celebrating Harvest and Halloween: October’s Film Favorites

by Kevin Little

October presents a swath of outdoor movie screening options. From halloween themes to the general fall delights, you can find a great movie that fits any event!

The following films are some of our customer favorites that, in the past, have seen a great event turnout. As always: know your audience.

Hocus Pocus

Perhaps one of the favorite halloween films of a generation, this witch-themed movie is a a Disney cult classic. Starring the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler, the film remains lighthearted and fun enough for audience members of all ages.


The Ghostbusters series saw enough success to warrant sequels, cartoon spinoffs, videogames and an untold amount of merchandise. Equal parts classic film and cultural phenomenon, a screening of either the classic movies or the more modern take are equally acceptable. A large screen for a large audience is the best way to experience these movies – imagine those epic final scenes on a towering outdoor display!

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

While perhaps showing its age over many years, the Charlie Brown series of holiday films always offer a cast of silly characters with good values and child-safe content. If you’re looking for something safe (but also entertaining) to show children of any age, this is definitely a safe bet.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

A 70’s glam-rock musical film that features some of the most wacky music of its time, The Rocky Horror Picture Show remains as an important and beloved piece of musical theater. If you have a lively venue and audience, you’ll find a spirited crowd with this! We recommend taking a look at some of our audio and console options to get the most out of the great sounds in this film.

Harry Potter (Series)

Another childhood favorite for many viewers, there’s really no wrong way to show these films. A great hint is to look at the age of Harry Potter (the character) for each of the different films – the age of Harry and his friends will better fit the experience for the age
of your viewing demographic. A generation grew up with these films at the same time as Harry!

The spookier titles…

This is where you really need to know your audience AND your venue, but it definitely provides a fun experience! Friday the 13th, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Night of the Living Dead… There are many classic horror films that see great success around this time of year. Ensure that your event messaging is clear – the last thing you want is to frighten the wrong crowd!

What are some of your favorite movies for this time of year? Let us know over on Facebook!

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