City redesign forces outdoor cinema to relocate, purchase inflatable movie screen

by Bob Deutsch

City redesign forces outdoor cinema to relocate, purchase inflatable movie screen

In the same way that an Indianapolis resident is using outdoor movie screens to bring the city together, the owners of Boulder Outdoor Cinema in Boulder, Colorado, have been doing the same for more than 18 years. But this may change if the team cannot raise the funds to purchase an inflatable movie screen since new city planning is infringing on their current space.

According to the Daily Camera, the Boulder Outdoor Cinema (BOC) sets up every summer in the parking lot behind the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, often attracting hundreds of viewers. City planners have announced that the area will be “reimagined,” according to the news source, forcing the BOC to find a new home and a new screen.

The BOC is funded by donations and the two owners’ personal funds, and screens cult classics and family films to the public, along with live music and short films before the featured movies.

“It’s a community institution,” Bob Jencks, a BOC attendee, told the news source. “It’s something for people to do on a Saturday night that’s different.”

Though the BOC will need to relocated, owners Liz Marsh and Jeannie Fritz told the news source that this may almost be a blessing in disguise. The two have been looking into purchasing an inflatable movie screen for a few years, even before the announcement, to be able to host private events and parties throughout the year.

The owners have been working to raise the funds for the inflatable movie screen, using social media and by hosting a party at the Boulder International Film Festival this month. While still short of their goal, one owner told the news source that since the BOC provides so much to the community throughout the year, she hopes the funds come through.


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