New outdoor movie projector

by Bob Deutsch

Optoma EH500 HD Projector

The film and projection industry is always coming out with new and innovative ways to enhance the audience’s viewing experience.  At Outdoor Movies, we want to do the same for our customers.

We briefly talked about the importance of brightness in the success of a movie screening in our last blog post.   We always want our customers to have the brightest and best outdoor movie projectors on the market.  That is why all new outdoor theater systems that previously featured the Optoma TH1060P projector, will now feature the new Optoma EH500 projector.

The new EH500 looks very similar to the older TH1060P, but there are some key differences that set this projector apart from its predecessor.  The new model gives off almost 5,000 lumens of light and has a lamp that lasts up to 500 hours longer than the outdoor movie projector included in previously manufactured systems.  The EH500 also has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio that allows for more than one billion displayable colors.

In plain English, this projector is brighter, lasts longer and features more precise colors than what we offered in the past.  The EH500 will be a staple in each of the different 16’ x 9’ and 20’ x 11’ outdoor theater systems.  Get it with the package or buy it to upgrade from your current projector.

It is safe to say that the new Optoma EH500 outdoor movie projector is a step further into the complex world of projection. Stay tuned for more products to be added to Outdoor Movies’ arsenal of turnkey production equipment.

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