August deadline for submissions to Maine Outdoor Film Festival

by Bob Deutsch

maine outdoor film festival as part of the fabric of the stateThe Maine Outdoor Film Festival looks to incorporate outdoor screens into the fabric of the state.

Outdoor screens can be especially relevant to festivals that celebrate nature in all its forms, and it seems fitting enough that as Maine looks to launch its second annual outdoor festival, it is reportedly seeking contributions that touch upon a variety of natural themes.

According to Foster’s, the event was co-created by two men with a passion for outdoor sports. One of the two, Joe Christopher, described to the news source the appeal of the event, which will be screening in an area of Maine known as The Forks.

“There are so many outdoor activities and natural sites in The Forks area, and to combine those elements with MOFF makes for a really dynamic weekend,” Christopher said. He also works as president of a company that outfits extreme sport participants.

In addition to creating more of a film going and making audience, such festivals like this can carry special power for rural areas, in which open fields and other spaces allow for the unobstructed viewing of large movie screens.

The festival, which is set to occur on the 24th of August, also offers a limited regional tour in the New England area. The award categories for which films can compete include a category that encourages young filmmakers to enter, as well as one for “Best Maine Film.”

While state parks and campus lawns make easy settings for outdoor screens, exhibitors can let their imaginations run free in determining where they can mount their festivals. Events in areas like this can incorporate screens into the landscapes they encounter regularly.

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