Consider alternative places for your outdoor film festivals

by Bob Deutsch

whether its on a boat, roof or beach, alternative movie venues are refreshingBoats, roofs, and other unconventional spaces can prove to be especially good spots for a film festival.

Though certain venues might seem to be more obvious choices for gathering audiences together for a screening than others, organizers should use their imagination in envisioning the setting for their events. If a lawn, park, or auditorium doesn’t readily present itself, different sizes, brands, and models of screens (such as the Whisper brand of AIRSCREEN) can give festival planners a little much-needed flexibility.

For example, this blog reported the Rooftop Festival in New York City, a type of venue that might offer different possibilities depending on the nature of the event. And the specific capabilities of the Whisper screen can allow festivals and other showings to structure themselves near bodies of water, whether they are natural or man-made, such as a hotel or convention center pool. The Whisper, in particular, is of a more compact size and is perhaps more equipped to handle unconventional venues than some others.

A screen could also be set up on the deck of a boat drifting through harbor near the site of a particular celebration, or in a rented-out space not usually associated with movie screens, like a parking lot, to give your event an edge and make it that much more memorable.

We live in a time when communities can come together at a large-scale event. Don’t worry about pre-existing notions regarding venues or outdoor movie materials: AIRSCREEN can make the process of choosing much easier. Pick a company that can offer custom solutions for your desires, not the other way around.

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