Cruise lines and hotel shows that outdoor movies are not land-exclusive

by Bob Deutsch

Cruise lines and hotel shows that outdoor movies are not land-exclusive

Although outdoor movies are typically thought of as perfect for film festivals or movies in the park, one cruise line will be revamping their outdoor movie screens to give vacationers a “dive-in” movie experience while at sea.

Carnival Cruise Lines announced this week that 12 of their ships will be offering outdoor movies on a 270-square-foot outdoor movie screen. This is a part of the cruise’s “Fun Ship 2.0,” and guests will be able to sit in the pool to view films or on the deck, where blankets and popcorn will also be available.

“Open-air theater experience is part of the line’s extensive ‘Fun Ship 2.0’ product enhancement initiative that is being rolled out across the fleet,” read a press release. The statement also said the screens would offer event and information screenings.

“Dive-in movies” are definitely not a new phenomenon – many pools around the country offer this type of entertainment during the warmer months and allow viewers to sit in the pool while viewing films.

One hotel in​ San Diego is also offering guests an outdoor movie experience. “The Pearl” has weekly scheduled screenings, along with an outdoor bar and restaurant, even during the winter. Guests can see films for free, and others can buy a drink for free admission.

With outdoor movie screens, water parks, hotels and other pools can offer a different experience than what is typically expected by visitors. And as Carnival illustrates, with “dive-in movies,” additional profits can be made from selling food or seating for outside the pool. Overall, offering outdoor movies can help expand a pool’s services and attract a higher volume of guests.

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