Despite increased competition for growing number of film festivals, most continue to see high attendance

by Bob Deutsch

The Palm Springs International Film Festival

The Palm Springs International Film Festival, which opened January 3, is now halfway over, running until the 14th. However, even though the celebrity sightings are over, the festival is continuing to see high volumes of attendees.

According to, a Palm Springs news source, the screenings have seen long lines of both ticket holders and even hopefuls in stand-by lines, some just hoping to get into a show.

“For the most part, the shows, they are at 70 to 80 percent capacity,” the general manager of the Camelot Theatres Jason Bruecks said to the news source. Bruecks said this was true for almost all the screenings – even those in the morning. “I think it’s kind of amazing how quickly these films sell out.”

The first night drew over 2,000 people to the Palm Springs Convention Center for the gala, including the highly-anticipated celebrities. Many other attractions in the area are also seeing a boost in revenue thanks to the large number of visitors who travel to the area for the films, as the executive chef of the cafe in the Camelot Theaters said he has not had a slow moment yet.

The movies are screened in theaters all over Palm Springs, including the Camelot Theaters and the Annenberg Theater in the Palm Springs Art Museum.

As film festivals, including the PSIFF, began to see larger crowds for all screens, some may consider using outdoor movie screens to appeal to the growing volumes of audience members. By using large outdoor screens, festivals can better utilize their space by moving outside to combine with other festival events.

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