How to manage a crowd at your large outdoor movie theater event

by Bob Deutsch

How to manage a crowd at your large outdoor movie event

Hosting a big event means a lot of good things: community building, brand exposure, and often, money. However, without the right planning, a large-scale outdoor movie can be tricky to manage. Be sure to keep these tips in mind, courtesy of the event planning experts at Outdoor Movies:

Keep it safe. If a large crowd is expected at your outdoor movies event, hire security or off-duty police to manage the crowd. Encourage people attending the event to enjoy the movie and not gather in loud groups once the movie has started — and then leave directly after the show has ended.

Confirm permits. Different cities and counties have different rules for hosting small to large-scale events. Check with your local government to ensure you have all the permits needed to legally have your event with your outdoor movie theater system, including noise ordinances. If the movie includes food service, double-check health department mandates so you’re not making last-minute changes that affect business.

Restrooms. Estimate your audience and scope out available restrooms accordingly. If you order portable restrooms, place them in a convenient area while keeping them sidelined from the outdoor movie theater. An important tip: Make sure the area around the restrooms is well-lit, as movie-goers will be there after dark!

Parking. Before you choose a venue, asses how much parking is available for guests to park to enjoy your inflatable outdoor movie screen. The day of the event, make sure directions to parking (and just as importantly, directions for exiting) are well-marked. If available, have volunteers on duty at the beginning and end of the show to help people begin and end their night on a high note.

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