No End in Sight for Superhero Movie Craze

by Bob Deutsch

Superhero Craze
Photo Credit: Kurttacs (flickr)

Superman, Batman, Spider-man, the Hulk and many other superheroes found their way into the hearts of young Americans through comic books in the 1930s. America’s fascination with these characters makes perfect historical sense. The 1930s were a difficult time for many people, a time when both children and adults were captivated by stories of heroes with superpowers saving the world.

From their humble beginnings, these comic book characters morphed into multibillion dollar industries and the public is still hungry for more superhero (and super villain) entertainment. In the past few years, multiple superhero movies were released each year, and each generated more gross revenue than the last. In 2016 alone, movie makers have already released five new superhero flicks. These include Batman V. Superman, Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool and Suicide Squad – and they aren’t slowing down yet! Max Steel opened on October 14 and Dr. Strange will be in theaters on November 4.

Why is this significant? Superhero movies often draw some of Outdoor Movies largest crowds. When the difference between an enormously successful event and a flop is often the movie choice, superhero movies are sure to draw in a huge crowd. Superhero movies appeal to many audiences, whether it’s a group of teenagers, an older couple on date night or a family with children. What’s even better is superhero movies nowadays are filled with high-budget animation and action which make watching them on huge screens even more of an experience.

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