Outdoor Movie Package Series: Consoles

by Kevin Little

You may have noticed the “fresh coat of paint” on the Outdoor Movies website – by that we mean an entirely revamped design! We hope you’ve enjoyed the experience so far.

We have enhanced, are our complete outdoor movie screen package descriptions. The first step to hosting a successful outdoor movie event is knowing your audience size and venue space. This will help you scale to the right screen size and console to fit your needs.

Screen size will always get bigger as audience sizes increase, which will change the projector model we recommend – each square foot of screen needs a set amount of light. From there you will also make an important choice on a console – a system we build at Outdoor Movies, used for controlling the audio and video for the event.

For the standard, overall solid experience at a great value, we recommend the PlusHD console. This provides all the audio mixing needs met by our more advanced packages (basic audio mixer, wired microphone etc.), a Blu-ray Disc player and a more compact design for a multitude of uses.

PlusHD console

(Above: PlusHD)

If you’re planning on doing a large number of shows and need consistent reliability with a built-in backup plan, the ProHD is definitely going to pay off for you. This features twin in-box preview monitors to so you can see what is going to the projector in advance (before dark). Should you need to switch displays for any reason (disc freeze, etc.), you’ll have a backup Blu-ray Disc player on standby already running a second copy of the movie. This package also features a 10-channel pro audio mixer and a high quality, touring rack mount ATA case.

Also worth noting is the similarity between the ProHD console and our Drive-In console. While much is the same, a Drive-In package includes a commercial .25-5 watt stereo FM transmitter and antenna with digital tuning, power control, fault protection, and a compressor limiter.

ProHD console
(Above: ProHD)

The iSeries console is built around a MacBook Air to allow easy use. A video streaming platform is stored on the MacBook for video playback without the need of a DVD / Blu-ray Disc drive. At Outdoor Movies, we believe this model is the best way to future-proof yourself for upcoming trends in both outdoor movie and video data storage.

iSERIES console
(Above: iSeries)

We’ll go into more detail on the other components that make up the perfect AIRSCREEN package in the coming weeks. Which console do you see yourself using for your event? Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions on the more specific technical aspects of our consoles.

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