Outdoor Movie Packages Series: Screens

by Kevin Little

The most important component of an Outdoor Movies package is, without a doubt, the AIRSCREEN©. Last week we covered the distinction of an AIRSCREEN© over any other sort of market model screen, which comes down to quality. Many outdoor screens on the market are most commonly used for personal use, or mid-sized  and informal occasions. For the professional viewing experience and long product lifespan, the AIRSCREEN© reigns supreme.

In the context of an Outdoor Movies package, the screen will be your most important purchase decision. The advantage of our carefully assembled outdoor movie systems is that they are guaranteed to work together in unison, removing the headache of assembling expensive technical items and hoping they’ll function properly together. Instead, you only need to ask yourself, “what is the size of my audience?”

We tell our customers that the minimum audience size (for an Outdoor Movies package) is at least 50 people. Our 12’ screen with control console, projector, and speakers are perfect for the job. As the audience size scales up, so does the equipment to match. Everything is built with quality, longevity and current industry direction in mind.

Replacement parts are also quickly available in-stock, should you find after a few years that some of your pieces are worn or missing. Tethers, stakes and screen tie bungees tend to be among the more popular replacement items. We do offer these for purchase online in convenient bundles in our Parts & Accessories catalog.

If you find yourself looking for a specific brightness or brand in your projector, we’re happy to help you figure it out. For many customers an important purchase is not a simple click-and-buy decision – we want to ensure that you get the right projector for your screen and that ALL of your needs are met. If you desire a hands on look at our systems, a demonstration at our facility can be scheduled.  Always feel free to contact us if you feel a custom package would better suit your needs.

We hope you’ve been informed with this look into Outdoor Movies’ “Packages” series. Next time, we’ll wrap up our series with a look into Speakers!

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