Outdoor Movie Power Tips – Generators, Cords and More

by Kevin Little

Providing a cinema-quality movie experience outdoors brings up an obvious conundrum. How will you power all that high-tech equipment without a standard power source nearby? Sometimes the perfect venue for a film festival or event is far away from standard sources.

For these situations, you’ll want to invest in a quality generator – taking financial shortcuts when purchasing a generator is a recipe for a poor experience. And remember, generators are happiest at 70% of their rated load and you want to keep your generator happy, calculate your power need and keep this in mind! Our “editor’s choice” recommendation is the Honda EU series of generators – compact, low maintenance, quiet, reliable and offers outstanding fuel economy.

Another item to note is power cords. We recommend investing in both extension cords and power strips. The extension cords should outdoor-rated and 12/3, with the power strips being made of a durable, industrial quality.

Water and power do not mix! Make sure all or your connections are protected from groundwater and rain. Also – power cables can be a trip hazard, use rubber matting to cover them in high traffic areas.

Quality power supplies and equipment will save you from needing to double the cost of replacements in the long run, so spare no expense on these relatively affordable items. Good power and safety training will give you years of great efficiency out of these items, and help power your Outdoor Movies equipment for years to come!

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