Outdoor Movie Season Returns

by Bob Deutsch

The DTA & Outdoor Movie team has just returned from the isthmus country of Panama just in time for the USA outdoor movie season to begin. One of the lessons of working outside of the country is that you need to be prepared – you can’t run back and pick up the forgotten item! A little about our “best practice” process of making sure we have everything we need. Make a spreadsheet list of everything you need on a show, leave two columns for check marks. Pull all of the equipment first, when it is all in one place, check each item off. When you load up, check off each item again as it is loaded. This double-checking action prevents a lot of missed items.

For our current and potential customers, how many of you are now playing back your movies from computer instead of Blu-ray Disc? We would love your comments. We do not see Blu-ray Disc as a long-lasting media format for the outdoor movie business, and would be interested in seeing if you are transitioning. This of course give us an opportunity to plug our iSeries system which offers playback MacBook from an included MacBook. The platform is stable and you can build playlists easily.

Have a GREAT spring!

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