Projecting Success – Tips for a Successful 2018

by Kevin Little

A new year comes with all sorts of new possibilities. We’re about a month into 2018 and the film-loving crowds are ready for fun new experiences. A big point of interest for production companies and festival organizers, moving forward, will lie in presentation. Any good organizer will tell you their aim to be original, professional, respectful (of both the audience and the filmmakers.) The event also needs proper organization and logistical planning to prevent disaster for viewers and the surrounding community. Luckily, with the fresh year ahead of us, there’s plenty of time to plan for something unique.

A Typical Environment

Invitations to indoor cinemas are fairly standard in film festivals and more focused movie events – often relying on the technology of an existing theater, accustomed to its own acoustics and environment. This ensures that the film will likely perform as well as the creator intended, with the right settings every time.

Cinema houses have their drawbacks though – convenience is important for a lot of viewers, and being able to easily access the theater. Bringing children along for the viewing can be problematic – we’re all familiar with what it’s like to have a fussy child during a movie. Finally, there is a cap on the available seating space for viewers. Overall this is the ideal way to view a movie, if not a bit stale.

The Experiential Approach

With the advances in projection technology, event organizers and film fans are seeing the effectiveness of “display anywhere” equipment. Outdoor Movie engineers are capable of turning large community areas into functioning theaters, including outdoor venues that take full advantage of our AIRSCREEN® product (or in some instances, a smooth white wall!) Options are flexible, tailored, and allow room for experimentation.

Taking Your Event to the Next Level

If you’re aiming to provide a great experience at your festival, the possibilities are staggering. Consider partnering with local businesses, renting food trucks, having a children’s area with included babysitting, enjoy less restriction on seating and the draw of being outdoors. For public service, think about turning a community or historical center into an immersive, functional theater to display a stellar educational event. In a university setting, capture student film interest by boosting the quality of your indoor equipment with powerful projectors and audio. (A quality university theater can often become a choice locale for film festivals, after all.)

These are only a few ways Outdoor Movies can help. Consider thinking outside the box this year and offering your audience something fun and different – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

In a previous post, we discussed a few of our top industry tips to have a stellar outdoor event. Let us know if we can help you with yours!

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