Outdoor projection screen surface options added

by Bob Deutsch

The addition of two new outdoor projection screen surface type options bring the next level of professional adaptability to AIRSCREEN.

  • The new Twin Projection Surface adds flexibility for combination front and rear projection from the same screen surface
  • Our new 1.5 Gain Front Projection Surface reflects 1.5x more light back to the audience than the standard front projection screen surface

These additional outdoor projection screen surface options are in addition to our standard front projection and rear projection screen surface options. Wth these additions, AIRSCREEN and Outdoor Movies will offer four screen surface options fitting all AIRSCREEN user’s needs.

Front Projection

Front outdoor projection screen surfacePerfect for most outdoor applications. This high quality, durable, .96 gain front projection screen surface reflects light for a wide viewing angle. Our front projection screen surface is black backed, preventing any ambient light from the rear from washing out your image.  This is our most popular projection surface.

Rear Projection

Rear projection outdoor screen surfaceOffers the highest quality rear projection surface option for AIRSCREEN. This surface is ideal when ambient light from the back is low. Remember that rear projection screens allow the projector’s light PLUS any other light through the surface. This can wash out the image. The benefit of RP is that the projector is out of the way behind the screen.

Twin Projection (new)

Gain outdoor projection surface for AIRSCREENOffers the convenience of both rear and front projection surfaces in one. There is no need to swap surfaces. There is a compromise to these surfaces, they are less light efficient than specific front or rear surfaces because light passes through the projection surface in either front or rear configuration.

1.5 Gain Front Projection Surface

1.5 gain outdoor projection screen surface for AIRSCREENOur new 1.5 gain projection surface option allows for brighter screens and is especially useful in larger size AIRSCREEN’s. Gain screens amplify light from the projector by gathering it toward the center of the viewing audience. These screens are very helpful when the viewing angle is fairly narrow.

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